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“I had a great experience with my Girls, Anna & Olivia. They were comfortable and actually enjoyed their Dentist.”
-Jenn Binofi

“I feel great with this Dentist (Dr. Rashmi Vasudeva), and she is a wonderful person. A great atmosphere, accompanied with a wonderful and caring staff, devoted to their patients. I would recommend this office to my friends and family and anyone else. My relationship with Dr. Vasudeva and her staff has been ideal.”
-Tower DelSanto

“This is my 3rd Experience of Dental work, I had felt really comfortable and safe with Dr. Rashmi Vasudeva, she was explaining me everything that needed to be done and at the same time, I mean while she was explaining everything was well done. She and all the people were so friendly and kind.”

“Dr. Rashmi Vasudeva and her staff at Hanover Dental have done an excellent job on our teeth, related to deep cleaning, cavity filling and polishing. Dr. Rashmi Vasudeva is very gentle, very precise, very fast and involves no pain. We drive from Acton, over 50 miles, just for her advice. I would like to recommend her Dental services to every-one. Thanks to her and her staff”
-Professor Ram L. Panday Vimal & Dr. Manju Uma C. Panday Vimal

“I fly from California to visit Dr. Rashmi Vasudeva, yes she is my sister, yes she has already saved one of my teeth with her holistic approaches. Yes I am really proud of her. She is a very skillful dentist, she always explains the procedures to me in details and I feel no pain. I would recommend her to any one and everyone. She is a caring dentist and actually tries to help people.”
-Brother Vivek Vasudeva

Recommendation by Angela Kelly 7/7/16: How long has it been since you visited your dentist? Or maybe some of you have a dentist you visit regularly. Well I would like to tell you about my dentist at Hanover Dental. When I found Hanover Dental it was like finding a hidden jewel. From the minute you walk in the door their friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere will make you feel right at home. The knowledgeable receptionist at Hanover Dental will make a new patient comfortable at Hanover Dental quick and easy. The Dentists at Hanover Dental are the best Dentists I have ever had. They are professional yet friendly and they never caused me any pain at any visit. I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Rashmi Vasudeva do some of my front teeth and I was so amazed with what she did. She truly has a unique talent when it comes to Dentistry. When she was done and handed me the small mirror, I took a look at the work she had done and I could not believe how beautiful my smile was, and to be able to repair my front teeth the way she did. She truly has a special gift for Dentistry. I have been smiling ever since. I have been a patient at Hanover Dental for about 10 years. You will never find me in a different dental office. So do your teeth a favor and visit Hanover Dental for your next cleaning and tell them you like a beautiful smile that you can always be confident about. You will be happy you did.
-Sincerely, Angela Kelly

This is from Patient Angela Kelly in December of 2015 and July of 2016

Testimonials and gifts from Patient Lynne, for Dr. Rashmi Vasudeva